Walk up in the fight club with 8 ounce white gloves

and leave with red ones.

Don’t say my car is topless,

you say the titties is out.

I put the album on my ipod a couple of weeks back but never bothered to listen to it. Then I heard this song performed on Ellen a couple of days ago and I thought it was pretty good. So today, I decided to give the album a spin and my conclusion about the album: It’s not that good. 

This track, as well as “Do You” are the only tracks I was feelin’ off the album.
The CD has, I think, 13 songs and 11 of them are fillers. This album is the ultimate meh.  

Hi Rihanna. #musicmonday

Hi Rihanna. #musicmonday

Just watched Skyfall:

It was okay. My mind wasn’t blown or anything but it was a decent movie. 7/10, elbows too pointy.

Strength only has one form:


New favourite random TV show:

The Soup.

Although I do miss Gabrielle Union as host.

Edit: I still hate watching TV. 


— Andy Warhol

Well said.


Andy Warhol

Well said.

Like Mike


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Christmas Pick-up Line

"Hey, you wanna do some roleplaying? I’ll be Joseph, you’ll be Mary and I’ll try and get you pregnant tonight without you knowing it?"

If she had twins, she’d probably have 2pacs. Get it?

2 pacs?

Trying to figure if I fear love,

or if the devil got him in some type of bear hug, that I’m not aware of.

Wanna know a great insult to use?

Tell someone they’re a mouth breather.

Who’s that girl?

It’s Jess.